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Welcome to the web home of the Rogue Assassins :

We are a wing on the Battle Star Glactica Online MMORPG game. We reside on the Aquaria server.

Our goal is to become the most powerful wing on this server.

We are not there yet but as the days and weeks pass we are moving towards this goal.

Even though this wing is primarily comprised of some heavy hitters, there are some low level pilots among our ranks.

You will not be judged by your ship level. You will be judged by your heart, and willingness to work within a cohesive team structure.

If you want to join us we welcome you. If you do not want to join us please do not underestimate us. We are warriors and we take our fun very seriously

If anyone is looking for advice we are lucky to have experienced players who know the game. Use their wisdom.

Rogue Assassins Theme Song - Shoot To Thrill by AC-DC

Comm Server Status
Primary Comm Server: Teamspeak 3, ( CUGS Global Network - Alliance Room / RA War Room
Admin Notes
Attention Rogue Assassins.

Updated 2:00 PM on 20012-04-26

The following pages are fully functional for all members of the Rogue Assassins:  Mail, Roster, Video. 

Every member of the Rogue Assassins has a mail account here.  The mail account can be used to send messages betwween Rogue Assassins.  It is not intended for use outside of the portal.

The purpose of the Video page is to list videos that, in addition to training videos, will motivate us to be wilder, crazier Assassins.

The Roster page is used to list all the Rogue Assassins who are currently logged in and to list who is a member of the Rogue Assassins.

So-and-so has logged on!